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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Oath

     I will not go crazy. I will not go crazy. I will not go crazy. I will NOT go crazy.
 I'd like to think that every person, young or old, eventually reaches this point in his or her life. This enigmatic pinnacle of ambition in which the only viable options are to wrap oneself in a warm static blanket at the peak, or to plunge downward:  into almost certain uncertainty. As you weigh your options, consider carefully. Instinct would have you think it more intelligent to remain at the top: immobile at the pinnacle of your ambition. It presents itself as the safer choice: the more PRACTICAL option--even if it means arbitrarily stranding yourself for an immeasurable time. From your peak position, you can see all the others on your same level who have chosen to remain likewise, at their summit. They are too far to reach, but just close enough to cordially observe.
        The other option, to descend, seems borderline lunatic. Everything beneath your peak is cloudy, unfamiliar territory. To descend would mean to leave your current heights, and delve into the unknown. But "staticity" is an enemy of progress, and to descend is not synonymous with regression. No, to regress would be to move backwards, in opposition to the direction in which you made your ascent. To descend, rather, would be to thrust yourself further ahead into exploration. Never being one to turn down an adventure (one of my many flaws), it seems to me, that although suntanning in your accomplishments at the top sounds quite exploration  carries far more promising possibilities. Which is why I choose to delve into the unknown with this blog, The Hippocratic Oath: chronicling the life and times of me, Pearl! A small time girl trying to make it in the big time field of medicine (fingers crossed I survive?)
          As an aspiring medical student, I know there will be a lot of hard work waiting along my descent as well adventure. Needless to say, I had to call upon my hero Hippocrates to provide a temporary mantra for my lifestyle until I can take the Physician's Oath. "I will not go crazy, I will not go crazy"--My Hippocratic Oath rewritten. As I take my first steps off the mountain peak, and into this blog, I ask you to bear with me through my encounters with jobs, friends, the search for an internship, and ultimately, my struggle to get into a good medical school. Along my journey, there will be late nights and long days full of constant mutterings of my "Hippocratic oath,", but there is no fear of falling or failure: because I know that at the end of every precarious decent into the unknown, is an ascent to higher mountains with higher peaks.

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